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About Dr. Phyllis Larkin, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Phyllis Larkin is a licensed clinical psychologist helping families cope with the impact on the family system resulting from brain injury or other neurological disorders. She speaks widely on the topic of caregiver burden and is the author of Caring for Loved Ones After Brain Injury, a practical guide for families.

As a specialist in traumatic brain injury, Dr. Larkin brings hope to TBI patients and their families. Her years in practice have given her an in-depth understanding of the unique experience of individuals and families placed in the role of caregiver.

Dr. Larkin's expertise enables her to help families and individuals reduce caregiver burden and teach families how to deal with the social impact of living with neurological impairments. In particular, she focuses on family relationships to enable both caregivers and brain injury survivors live rich, full lives.

Dr. Larkin is the consulting psychologist and facilitator for the Saddleback Brain Injury Support Group and the Epilepsy Alliance of Orange County. She is on the faculty of the Coastline Community College Acquired Brain Injury Program. Additionally, Dr. Larkin is a member of the American Psychological Association, the California Psychological Association and the American Association of University Women.

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