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Individual and Family Psychotherapy
Dr. Larkin provides private psychotherapy in her Newport Beach and San Juan Capistrano offices. These individualized sessions are appropriate for individuals or families dealing with the effects of TBI, caregiving and other related issues.

As caregiver to a brain trauma survivor, you face unique challenges and needs that other types of caregivers do not share. When a loved one suffers from brain injury or other neurological disorder, you are likely to wrestle with the following concerns:

  • What are the future care needs for my loved one and family?
  • What disabilities will I need to adjust to?
  • Who can I talk to about my loved one?

Dr Larkin will help you to create an environment that is supportive for you and your loved one. Her services include:

  • Assessment of individual family needs
  • Addressing the home environment
  • Behavior and personality changes
  • Behavioral interventions

Seminars and Workshops
Are you a non-profit agency looking for more information about TBI or TBI caregiving?

Dr. Larkin conducts informative, empowering seminars and workshops for families, caregivers, and non-profit organizations. Her presentation provides a general overview of the effects of traumatic brain injury and its impact on the family. The primary purpose of Dr. Larkin’s talks is to help families understand what to expect and to avoid mistakes that can lead to caregiver burnout.

An enlightening, energetic and humorous public speaker, Dr. Larkin speaks frequently in Orange County. Her seminars are a wonderful way to offer assistance to the families you serve while providing additional education for you and your staff.

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